Composting is an easy and effective way to turn your kitchen and yard waste into a usable material for your gardens and plants(or your neighbor’s garden and plants).

There is currently no municipal collection or drop off for organics and food waste. However, If you have large amounts of yard debris to compost there are some local business that will accept this material.


Worm composting (“vermicompost”) is a composting method that allows you to compost certain organic materials indoors or outdoors. This small-scale composting method allows for composting in any household and can be used to fertilize anything from houseplants to gardens. City Farmer and Composting Basics provide steps for starting your compost bin.


BioSource Landscaping Sources (Xenia) Accepts: leaves, brush, wood skids, wood chips, stumps, large trees, sod/grass clippings, manure, anything biodegradable except food Does not accept: treated wood, railroad ties, deck boards, concrete, plastic, household trash, food

Eco-Green Enterprises LLC (Fairborn) Accepts yard debris/waste.

Tomʼs Mulch (Bellbrook) Accepts yard debris/waste.


Greene County Free Drop-Off Locations (check Website for hours) 1. Xenia – Environmental Services Recycling Complex, 2145 Greene Way Blvd. Residential waste only. 2. Beavercreek – 2260 Dayton-Xenia Road. Residential Waste only. 3. Fairborn – Eco-Green Enterprises LLC, 1290 E. Dayton-Yellow Springs Road. Business and residential waste only.

Village of Yellow Springs 2015 Curbside pick-up (Last Fridays, May through November) *Must purchase and use Rumpke lawn waste bags at the Bryan Center or Downingʼs Hardware.