Prevention Techniques

These techniques and tips help us be aware of and prevent waste in the first place.

  • Purchasing Journal 
  • Waste Audit 
  • Financial and Travel Planning

Purchasing Journal – more info coming soon

Consider a Home or Business Waste Audit

waste audit

One of the best ways to find out where you can focus your waste reduction efforts is to perform a Home or Business Waste Audit. A waste audit is a sort of inventory of the waste and recycling you currently generate.

Conducting Your Own Waste Auditedited from Jen and Joey Go Green website

1. Empty all waste from your house on your garbage day – this gives you a fresh start
2. Don’t forget to clean out your fridge for spoiled leftovers
3. Weigh your recycle container, trash container and compost bin to get a baseline.
4. Live your life like normal!
5. Record what you throw into each bin throughout the week
6. On garbage day each week weigh your bins individually. If they are light you may have to weigh yourself with them to get the weight to register. Weigh yourself first so you can subtract your weight.
7. Record all weights (don’t use paper!)
8. Continue for as long as you want. I find 3-4 weeks is a good sample size
9. Review your results and look for opportunities to reduce and reuse.

Business Waste Audit

Businesses may be able to work with Greene County Environmental Services to have a Waste Audit Performed. This is a service ZWYS may provide in the future as well.

Financial, Grocery and Travel Planning- More info coming soon!