100 Compost Bin Count!

Help us make a collage to show what villagers are already doing to manage their food waste responsibly! Email us a picture of your household compost bin(s) Check back here periodically to see how many we have left to go and the final collage!



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Trash Tree

In an effort to bring awareness to the uptick of waste and consumption during the holiday season, Zero Waste Yellow Springs constructed a “trash tree” in downtown Yellow Springs. Below you can see photos of the group prepping and staging the “tree” out of a ladder and trash bags filled with newspaper as well as the signage that was placed beside the “tree”.

Unfortunately, just a few short days after the tree was constructed it was vandalized and then removed along with its signage during the night. While the ZWYS group is disappointed in the actions of the vandals we are encouraged by the response we recieved from many villagers and the discussion on holiday consumption that we were able to generate.

We look forward to future installations to promote environmental action and awareness in the village.